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  • Minimum Deposit: $25
  • Maximum Deposit: $150,000
  • Principal: Included in Profit
  • Return on Investment: 144%
  • Period: 12 Business Days (Mo-Fri)

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About Us

At Exleve, we're not just redefining investment leverage; we're elevating your financial future. Our UK-based platform marries the agility of crypto with the depth of traditional finance, led by a cadre of financial virtuosos. Our experts excel across diverse markets—from the subtleties of stock exchanges and crypto arbitrage to the complexities of futures contracts and strategic trades. With a relentless focus on safe, yet aggressive growth strategies, we ensure your assets are not just managed, but masterfully multiplied. Exleve stands as a beacon of trust, backed by solid financing and ironclad guarantees. Here, your investments are safeguarded by our commitment to excellence, promising not only to meet but exceed your expectations. Trust us to nurture your financial aspirations, transforming them into tangible successes with unparalleled returns.


Frequently Asked Questions

EXLEVE.com is a pioneering investment platform based in the UK, designed to transform your financial future by leveraging the potential of cryptocurrency alongside traditional financial strategies. Our team of market experts leverages their extensive knowledge across various financial arenas including stock exchanges, crypto arbitrage, and futures contracts to implement safe yet aggressive growth strategies. This approach ensures your investments are not merely managed but are actively multiplied, promising unparalleled returns. As a UK-registered entity, Exleve embodies trust and commitment to excellence, providing solid financing and guarantees to secure your investments beyond expectations.

EXLEVE welcomes a diverse range of cryptocurrencies to cater to our global investors' preferences. We accept Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Tron (TRX), Dogecoin (DOGE), Binance Coin (BNB), Ripple (XRP), Dash (DASH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Tether (USDT - supporting transactions across BEP20, TRC20, and ERC20 networks). This variety ensures you can invest using your preferred crypto assets with ease and flexibility.

At Exleve, all transactions within the user panel are denominated in USD for clarity and consistency. When you make a deposit or request a withdrawal in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, the amount is converted based on the current exchange rate.
For example, if you wish to invest $100 in Bitcoin, the system calculates this amount to the equivalent in BTC according to the live market rate, such as 0.002 BTC.
Similarly, withdrawals are converted at the prevailing rate at the time of the transaction, ensuring that the value in USD you request is matched in the cryptocurrency of your choice, reflecting market conditions. This flexible rate system ensures that your investments and returns are accurately aligned with real-time market values.

Investing with EXLEVE is secured by the forefront of digital infrastructure and best practices in cybersecurity. We employ state-of-the-art SSL encryption to safeguard data, ensuring every transaction and user information is encrypted and protected. Cryptocurrencies are stored in secure cold wallets, minimizing exposure to online threats. Our platform is fortified against unauthorized access and cyber-attacks, with user privacy and data confidentiality as our unwavering priorities. We adhere to a strict no-sharing policy, guaranteeing your personal and financial information is never disclosed under any circumstances. Additionally, the safety of your investments is meticulously managed by our team of professional traders. They employ safe investment strategies with the necessary diversification, further securing your assets against market volatility. Rest assured, with EXLEVE, your investments are in safe hands."

The minimum amount required to start your investment journey with EXLEVE.com is $25 (or its equivalent in the selected cryptocurrency), ensuring accessibility to a wide range of investors. On the other end, the maximum limit for a single deposit transaction is set at $150,000.
It's important to note, however, that investors are free to make multiple deposits up to the maximum limit for each, offering virtually unlimited investment potential. This flexibility allows you to tailor your investment strategy to suit your financial goals and market opportunities.

At EXLEVE.com, we offer unparalleled flexibility in managing your investments, allowing you to have an unlimited number of active deposits. Each deposit you make operates independently, with earnings calculated individually every 24 hours based on the time it was initiated. Despite this individual treatment, all earnings from your various deposits are conveniently consolidated into your single account balance. This approach ensures that you can diversify your investment strategy, maximizing your potential returns while keeping track of your overall performance with ease.

The minimum amount you can withdraw from your EXLEVE account is $10, or its equivalent in your selected cryptocurrency. We are pleased to inform our users that there are no fees for withdrawals from Exleve, ensuring that your returns are maximized.

To maintain the efficiency of our platform and to avoid incurring unnecessary costs, we kindly request that you submit reasonable withdrawal requests. Rather than dividing larger amounts into several smaller ones, consolidating withdrawals helps us manage operational expenses more effectively, contributing to the overall health and stability of the platform. This approach benefits all members of the Exleve community by enabling us to continue offering high-quality services without unnecessary deductions.

At Exleve, the security of our users' funds and the stability of our platform are our top priorities. Therefore, all withdrawals are processed manually by our dedicated team. According to our terms, withdrawals are processed within up to 24 hours, with processing occurring exclusively on business days, which are Monday through Friday. This schedule excludes weekends and public holidays. While we aim to process withdrawals as swiftly as possible, we kindly ask our users to be prepared for the possibility of waiting up to the full 24-hour period during business days.

Please rest assured, there's no need to worry if your withdrawal takes the full duration. Additionally, it's important to note that the speed of blockchain operations is beyond EXLEVE's control. A payment is considered sent once you receive a transaction hash (TX) from us, confirming that the transaction has been broadcast on the respective blockchain. Delays resulting from congestion within the blockchain network are beyond our control. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work diligently to ensure your funds are transferred securely and efficiently.

Yes, users are allowed to hold multiple accounts with EXLEVE.com if there is a genuine need for them.
However, it is strictly prohibited to register these accounts using your own referral links for the purpose of obtaining referral commissions from your own deposits. We actively monitor for such activities to ensure the integrity of our referral program. Accounts found to be involved in these fraudulent practices will be subject to suspension, with all associated funds being frozen. We encourage fair and honest participation in our platform to maintain a secure and trustworthy investment environment for all our users."
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Referral Program

Unlock limitless earning potential with Exleve’s Referral Program, designed to reward your efforts in sharing the power of strategic investment leverage. Every registered user gains access to a unique referral link, a gateway to earning through our expansive network. Our program stands out with a three-tiered commission structure: earn a generous 5% on direct referrals, 2% on second-level referrals, and 1% on third-level referrals. The best part? The sky's the limit for both the number of referrals you can make and the earnings you can accumulate. Participation doesn’t require your own deposit, allowing you to start earning purely through the success of your network. This is more than a referral program—it’s your pathway to becoming a pivotal part of our investment community, encouraging others to empower their portfolio while you enhance yours.